Marketing Leads

Big corporations look for best database and end up to outdated, invalid or incomplete leads databases. Some face an embarrassing situation daily where they call up contacts that are dead or have moved elsewhere. At Worldwide lead Infotech, we update our client’s database with fresh, complete and targeted leads. So that there will be no embarrassment for reaching the wrong person, at the wrong time. We implement multi-level and multi-channel marketing to ensure all prospects get the client message when they are most expecting it.

We understand market dynamics with our quantitative and qualitative researches. These researches pave the way towards making informed decisions. Through these researches provides you with the ongoing information about what your customers want and feel. Our business intelligence and segmentation based on various customer's view such as occupation, nationality, income, religion and many other factors, helps managers make best-situation decisions. We enable you with all the market analysis tools, using market assessments reports like market entry reports, industry review reports, online panel services, competitor analysis reports, company profiling and SWOT analysis. Our research reports are backed with a high level of customization, suiting all industry needs. Whatever your industry background or your client requirement, or however dynamic their market-research needs are. Our data analytics will always keep you ahead of your competitors.

Worldwide lead Infotech has a quick thinking and intelligent team that assembles all telemarketing leads. Clients can confidently place calls to everyone on their list. Since the list is also segmented and profiled, the client’s team knows exactly what to say when they have a direct conversation with them. Now, how’s that for a telemarketing effort?

  • Zero wastage on dialling wrong numbers
  • Prospects who are awaiting your call to buy your product
  • People who will never ever slam the phone down on you

Are your prospects in different parts of the world? Is making calls or physically mailing them guzzling all your resources? Fret not! Now companies can have the same profound impact on their prospect’s buying decisions with our intensely targeted leads.

Every penny of the email marketing campaign is spent wisely in trying to reach ‘ready-to-buy’ prospects. We can provide custom build leads based on a company’s unique target market. Ordinarily, in most campaigns, only 30 percent of leads are converted into sales. However, at Worldwide lead Infotech, we identify those 30 percent and send the campaign exclusively to them so that there is 100 percent response rate.

Reach and communicate with customers through different channels to get maximum responses. There is a probability that when three emails about one product are sent, that last two are marked for trash. Whereas if companies use multi-channel marketing, viz., email, telephone or direct mailing, customers are most likely to see all three.

With All-in-One marketing, you can

  • Appeal to all kinds of audiences, online, telephone and old world
  • Reduce the risk of being marked as spam by 1/3rd receiving list
  • Send three promotional messages with the assurance that all three will be received

Gone are the days of one way or top-down flow of communications, it’s the era of conversations. A disgruntled customer using Facebook or Twitter can start a negative campaign against a company by a single comment or tweet. In this social media dominated communication age, even a comment can make or break a company’s brand name.

Social media marketing is the online way of word of mouth advertising. A prevailing presence of the company on various social media sites not only helps connect with customers but builds better relationships, drives repeat business, attracts new customers and increases conversion rates.

We have a database of almost every department from the healthcare Industry. Updated every quarterly. Some departments mentioned below

  • Cardiologist Email List
  • Chest and Cardiac Surgeons Email List
  • Chiropodist Email List
  • Veterinarians Email List
  • Rheumatologist Email List
  • Surgeons Email List
  • Urologist Email List
  • Vascular Surgeons Email List
  • Psychiatrists Email List
  • Pulmonologist Email List
  • Skin and Sexual Diseases Specialist Email List