Database Assessment

Worldwide lead Infotech brings your way a host of Data Assessment services. Through our dynamic services, you can refresh, update, validate and correct all your data present in your database.

Are you losing out potential business opportunities due to incorrect or missing email data? On an average 3 to 6 percent of business email address become undeliverable in a month. This means one-third of your email communication doesn’t reach your customer or prospects.

Regardless of the current state of your database, Worldwide lead Infotech Email Append process provides an effective way to add the valid email address to your database. During email appending service, we scan your customer database against our master database, any exact data match located while scanning is appended to your database.

Customer information is a very valuable asset for any company, yet it’s also very volatile. Roughly 70 percent of customer data becomes stale over a year’s time as customers change job, move to a new location or change roles within the same company.

Worldwide lead Infotech helps companies struggling with incorrect or wrong data by data refining. We use our proprietary refining process to scrutinize data and cleanse it of all errors. This comprehensive data refining process saves time, money and turns data into a highly valued asset for a company.

World over, businesses today face multiple challenges in keeping customer and prospect information up to date. These challenges include cost, manpower, and time involved in managing large data. As a leading data management company, Worldwide lead Infotech helps clients overcome these challenges by authenticating data through our proven service.

We help thousands of companies worldwide tackle issues pertaining to validating data. With our unique blend of manual and automatic Data Authentication service, Worldwide lead Infotech helps you easily monitor and manage customer information at any time.

Imagine using licensed data – valid, fresh and accurate business data for all business activities. Licensed data ensure the accuracy, completeness and consistency of data used across an organization. In short, you can tap more business opportunities and make sound decisions.

As a leading data management company, Worldwide lead Infotech understands the importance of providing quality data for business. Our data licensing service helps a client make an informed decision with licensed data.